Studio A Staging turns vacant, average spaces into hot properties. We have the ability to take an empty house and turn it in into a must-have home for potential buyers who view the home. Without staging, it is a difficult task for most people to walk through a property and understand how they would live in a space and function within each room. As professional stagers, Studio A Staging have the ability to highlight a room’s best features, to create inviting spaces that draw prospective buyers into a room, and catch the eye of the most discerning buyers.

“During a real estate showing, the home’s first impression is going to pull buyers in or turn them off” (NAR).

Our staged homes have a neutral and clean look. We get homes ready to showcase to potential buyers by making them look their best and giving them a fresh appeal. Our staged homes command the highest selling price since it easier for prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. Studio A Staging knows how to turn a house into a commodity on the market, giving our clients favorable results. Our staged homes garner more attention and appeal among buyers since they stand above comparable homes in the area.

“Homes listed for sale without staging spent an average 4.5 months on the market; homes staged before listing spent less than 1.5 months on the market” (NBC News).

Our clients understand that “Pricing to Sell” a home is not enough in this challenging housing market. Brokers and individual sellers partner with Studio A Staging to leverage their “Priced to Sell” homes with amazing stagings for optimal results among comparable listings! staging-20Partnering with Studio A Staging is vitally important to not only selling a property listing, but to selling an image, a dream and a lifestyle which accompanies home ownership. Studio A Staging is ready to partner with agents, broker, developers, and investors in offering this dream to future buyers in the best presentation.

To prevent your listing from languishing on the market with little attention and risking price reduction, don’t hesitate to hire Studio A Staging! Want to sell your real estate listing faster and for top dollar? If so, call Studio A Staging today!

Contact regarding Standard Packages and Custom Options for vacant or furnished properties; Fees are based on the size of the property, level of staging, and professional listing photos.

“Staging puts a home’s best features in the spotlight during showings” (NAR).


“The average staged home is selling at 7 days versus 87 to 107 days for an unstaged home” (Newsweek).


“Stagers are the dreamweavers in the real estate world” (Forbes).

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